Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Introduction....

As you may have gathered from the previous post, this page has been created as a space to both vent frustrations and express the very important and correct views and opinions of its writers.

Whatever this is will consist of two different writers. Both of us work with current technology in both our personal and professional lives. We are very very smart, and if you disagree with any of our views or opinions you are likely not.

As you read this you will be informed on some things we find awesome, but more often things that suck. For instance playing sweet video games and watching Batman movies is awesome. However ISP’s capping bandwidth and monitoring downloads is not awesome.

Anyways I believe this post should suffice as a little introduction as to what we got going on here. Check back later to hear about either something awesome, or hear about something that sucks from someone that is awesome.

Take care interweb friends.
Take care.

Jeff Albertson out….

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